Dear Friends,

Please join me and my collaborators, A. Ghigo DiTommaso, Rowena Richie and Ryan Tacata, in a free workshop at YBCA as part of the For You, performance project. This workshop will explore the philosophies that are driving the project. For You, is inspired by the idea of creating performances as a gift, where the reward is the artistic and creative intimacy of knowing who your work is for, and customizing the work for that person.

For You, Performative Gift Making Workshop @ YBCA Forum

Tuesday, December 13, 6-9 PM



We will be making a series of performance gifts for audiences of 12 people thru YBCA in the coming year.

Our application process is open now for our first performance on April 1, 2017.

And we are inviting the public to apply to be in that audience.

Applications are due January 1st, 2017.