Inspired by mediations on the future, After All wrestles with the inevitability of time passing. At the center of the piece are a Man (Joe Goode) who is visited by Santa Claus (Dwayne Calico); a pet goldfish (Beth Wilmurt) who has a three-month memory; and, a pastor (Matthias Bossi) who delivers a sermon for the end of the world.

Created by Erika Chong Shuch (director, choreographer)
with writing by Octavio Solis, Philip Kan Gotanda, Michelle Carter
Commissioned by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Co-presented by Intersection for the Arts
Created in collaboration with the performers: Jesselito Bie, Matthias Bossi, Dwayne Calizo, Jennifer Chien, Jessica Fudim, Joe Goode, Beth Wilmurt, Gracie Solis, Erin Mei Ling Stuart
Leaders of the Crowd: Jorge Dehoyos, Cody Gianotti, Christina Miglino, Anthony Williams
The Crowd: Lucia August, John Carnahan, Misty Douglas, Kristy Douglas, Betsy England, Claire Furlotte, Riva Gardner, Rebecca Grahm, Kyle Griffiths, Merril Gruver, Melissa Hudson, Javier Hurtado, Melyssa Jo Kelly, Tom Lazarus, Lilli Misner, Deborah Pardes, Julian Pham, Barbra J. Ritchison, Julie Sheetz, Sarah Theismann, Alex Williams, Angie Wilson, Kari Wishingrad, Susan Yee

Set and Light design: Allen Willner
Original music composed by: Allen Willner and Daveen DiGiacomo
Vocal composition and arrangement: Dwayne Calizo
Co-choreographer: Melanie Elms