Inspired by the true story of a German cannibal, "M," who advertised on the Internet for a "well- built man for slaughter." Reportedly more than 400 people volunteered, with the leading candidate ended up in M's refrigerator—and stomach.

Like a crazed lover, All You Need begs you to feel until you’re spent. Weaving together spoken word, floating props, video, live music, and haunting vocals, the multi-media production releases an emotional vortex, where loneliness, love, lust, and longing twist and intermingle.

Asian Week

Premiere: Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco
Created by Erika Chong Shuch (director, choreographer)
Created in collaboration with performers: Jennifer Chien, Melanie Elms, Jesse Howell, Victoria Mcnichol Kelly, Rowena Richie

Live band and original music: Dwayne Calizo, Ruben Rodriguez, Will Waghorn
Set and light design: Sean Riley
Video design: Ishan Vernallis

Presented by Intersection for the Arts Hybrid Project
Production support: Zellerbach Family Fund, CA$H grant, development supported by residency at ODC Theater and 848 Community Space