One window

A work about existential crisis, dead bodies buried within the Great Wall of China, the trash compactor from Star Wars (the voices in your head when you realize the inevitability of walls moving closer), and the desire to drop and become one with all 6,514,675,721 people alive on the planet.

Premiere: Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco
Performance: Theater Artaud (San Francisco International Arts Festival)

Created by Erika Chong Shuch (director, choreographer)
Created in collaboration with performers: Jennifer Chien, Melanie Elms, Vong Phrommala, Tommy Shepherd, Danny Wolohan
Set and Light design: Sean Riley
Video design: III

Presented by Intersection for the Arts
Production support:  Zellerbach Family Fund, and supported by CHIME, Choreograhers in Mentorship Exchange, a program of the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company through which Erika worked under the mentorship of Joe Goode.