Love Everywhere

Love Everywhere was a series of site-specific installations bringing visibility to the ongoing struggle for marriage equality. 

Premiering Valentine’s weekend in San Francisco City Hall’s Rotunda, GLIDE Memorial Church and public spaces in downtown San Francisco, Love Everywhere featured 50 dancers, a chamber orchestra and two vocalists. Love Everywhere was an interactive celebration of the 6th anniversary of San Francisco’s issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Created by Erika Chong Shuch (director, choreographer)
Commissioned by Dancers’ Group SF
Performances at SF City Hall, Glide Church, and public spaces in Downtown SF

Lead performers: Jennifer Chien, Chad Dawson, Jorge De Hoyos, Melecio Estrella, Jesse Hewit, Julie Sheetz, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart & Alex Williams

Assistant Directors: Laura Arrington & Christina Miglino

Costumes: Myong-Suk Shuch

Additional Performers: Scarlett “Roja” Abuslin, Laura Maile Blancq, John Carnahan, Shae Colett, Lauren Cros, Isabella de Meulenaere, fumiko Docker, Lily Dwyer, Mike Estee, Joe Estlack, Leonora Margarita Galindo, Ara Glenn-Johanson, Annie Goodsill, Natalie Greene, Merrill Gruver, Melissa Hudson Bell, Michelle Jacques-Menegaz, Wendy Jones, Melyssa Jo Kelly, Wanda Kraikit, Tammy Kremer, Christopher Hojin Lee, Darcie Luce, Jen Marise, Jennifer Meek, Jennifer Minore, Paul Ning, Claire Oldfield, Corinne Oprinovich, Mathanial Putnam, Nieves Rathbun, Matt Sergi, Kerstin Stuart, Patricia Svilik, Michael Terkowski, Jakey Toor, Thu Tran, Alberto Vajrabukka & Lily Wang

Original Score Composer: Daveen DiGiacomo
Arranged for Orchestra and Conductor: David Möschler
Orchestrator: Brian Adam McCune
Orchestra: El Beh, Charles Bocchetti, Laura Boytz, Claudia Campazzo, Alice Chen, Daveen DiCiacomo, Darren Johnston, David Kasheveroff, Scott Larson, Brian Adam McCune, Leigh Riley, Lianna Stuart and Christorpher W. White
Singers: Bekka Fink and Cynthia Taylor

Shuch and her dancers kicked off the weekend in City Hall. An international crowd of nearly 1,000 gathered around the rotunda floor as real-life newlyweds came and went  ...  A jubilant reception brought down the house. Bekka Fink and Cynthia Taylor’s spirited duet, with lyrics borrowed from more donated wedding vows, segued into a hora, a bouquet toss and, of course, a conga line. 

Claudia Bauer, DancersGroup